M2M Multi Network Sim Cards

M2M data transfer SIM cards

We have been supplying data transfer solutions for connected devices since 1999, before the term Machine to Machine (M2M) was widely used. During that time,
we have experienced the evolution of this sector and its connectivity requirements.
Our Machine to Machine connectivity solution is now being used in thousands of applications worldwide across diverse sectors such as energy and power supply,
consumer electronics, retail outlets, security monitoring, transport, manufacturing and logistics.

We have developed our solution to adapt to the changing needs of our customers and allow them to quickly and cost effectively get their products to the market.
By their nature, IoT and M2M devices require customized connectivity solutions, and our focus on constant development and innovation has enabled us to create a range
of additional services that allow our customers to benefit from increased control and flexibility. Our products and services go hand in hand with expert advice and
consultancy, enabling you to create a solution unique to your specifications.
Our M2M solution and additional services include:
Best signal, multi-network or Multi-IMSI SIM cards with global coverage on one SIM with one APN
Complete monitoring platform for centralized control of the SIM base
No Single Point of Failure" solution, Free Way, based on our multi-IMSI application
A complete range of data plans including aggregated, pooled and per megabyte billing
Provision of fixed IP addresses
Development and maintenance of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
Location Based Services (LBS)
We also offer a range of customized services depending on your requirements. Call us for a free consultation with our M2M experts.


SMART SIM. Multi-IMSI for extra resilience and SIM backup.

Best Signal, Multi-Network

Non Steered. Multiple networks available in each country to maximize coverage.
EE & 3 & Limitless Mobile & Vodafone & O2

Connectivity options

GPRS, 2G, 3G and 4G connections available.

One Global SIM card

One SIM, one APN globally. All SIM sizes available.

Support & Expertise

Free Account Management and Support from our expert team.

Sim Management Platform

Our SIM Management Platform allows you to control your SIMs anywhere. Activate / Deactivate & Suspend sim cards at any time anywhere.

Our team of M2M / IoT experts are ready to help you:

SIM cards, data plans and SIM management platform, all you need to control your SIM base.
All our data plans can be configured to use Per MB, data pool or bundles. Easy set-up using our F2M SIM management platform.
Full UK Coverage via EE, 3, Limitless Mobile, Vodafone & O2
Please see our online Terms & Conditions.
Receive SIMs in less than 48 hours.

Sim card pricing

10mb + 20sms
We can also create you a custom sim card plan.
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