Live Tachograph Data

Good news – you no longer need to have the vehicle physically present to get the latest tachograph readings.

Up-to-date files can be downloaded via the internet without disrupting the driver, helping employers to monitor a driver’s hours and assign new jobs within safe driving limits.

With live Tachograph Data, you can easily identify the drivers in each vehicle, current modes, combined driving totals and combined break totals.

Driver and vehicle file downloads

Live Tracking's digital tachograph remote data download solution allows you to download both driver cards and vehicle unit data. As soon as the driver's card is inserted in the tachograph, our system automatically checks whether the card must be downloaded and starts the download if necessary.


Save time by scheduling and automating downloads

According to our calculations, you can save up to 30 minutes per vehicle per month by automating tachograph data download. Set up a download schedule and let our tacho web take care of it for you. Set-up a custom download schedule for your business needs - once a month, once a week or starting from a specific date, e.g. the first day of the month.

Track your tachograph calibration dates

Digital tachographs require re-calibration once in every two years. Missing a calibration date can lead to huge fines during roadside checks. Use the service section to ensure you never miss a calibration data or vehicle service.


Live Tachograph Data

See in real time full tachograph data such as driver 1 & 2 card less sessions, Working state and RTD. Set alerts to notify you of vehicles being driven without a card, driver time related warnings. Produce both vehicle and driver activities reports.

Integration with Analysis Software

Doing digital tachograph data downloads is just the first step to managing tachograph compliance. The next step is analyzing this data. We has all the necessary tools for this. We have worked hard on professional integrations with several analysis solutions - IDHA Online (our preferred digital tachograph data analysis solution), and Optac3 by Stoneridge. Choose your analysis platform and make the next step to managing tachograph compliance.